client.makeManager resulting in OPERATION_TIMEOUT

When calling client.makeManager(<userId>) on a user that’s valid (the ID is in client.getAllUser()) I get one of two errors, generally it’s OPERATION_TIMEOUT, sometimes it’s INTERNAL_ERROR.

All other functionality works fine i.e. video, audio, screen share.

I have treble checked and the user calling makeManager is definitely the HOST i.e. isHost = true

Whereas, client.makeHost() works perfectly.




{ type: "INTERNAL_ERROR" }

Which Web Video SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. Host connects
  2. Another user connects
  3. Host receives participant update and uses the ID to make the user a manager makeManager(<userId>)
  4. Error occurs

In case there was still some initialisation going on, I tried setting a timeout for 5 seconds, but the same happens.

Device (please complete the following information):
macOS Big Sur
Chrome 93


Hey @nickuk ,

Thanks for sharing this with us! Looks like a bug. We will take a look and get back to you. :slight_smile:



Hey @tommy ,

Just wondering if there is any update on this and whether there’s any sort of ETA on when this is likely to be resolved?

Thanks a lot,


Hey @nickuk ,

We did find the bug, and we are working on fixing it. We will hopefully have it out in our next version, 1.1.6.


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