Allow chatbots to join meeting chats

@tommy, this would be a useful feature for me as well. I’d like to add a use-case here… that of an official corporation meeting (HOAs, professional associations, non-profit boards, etc.) that needs to observe some type of parliamentary procedure (NAP’s Robert’s Rules, AIP’s Standard Code, etc.) A chat-bot would allow attendees to request to speak and to vote… all monitored by the chatbot with feedback to the meeting chair and/or participants.

“Raise Hand” is a nice feature, but if 2 or more people Raise Hand between the time you last looked at the participant window and “just now”, you don’t know who was first… THAT person gets the floor (though there are other rules that might supersede that determination).

“Polling” is nice, informally, but the Host doesn’t get to participate (might not be an issue if the Chair is the Host, but if a member of the assembly/board/etc is the Host, they have a right to vote). Further, there may be guests in attendance who do not have voting rights. A chat-bot could be provided with “who is authorized to vote”.

My current (new-guy to the Zoom API, admittedly) understanding is that the Yes/No and Raise Hand events are not individually capturable from an API etc.

In the vast majority of cases, only the Host has an account (or many one or two have accounts not linked to the Host’s account). using “Zoom Chat” isn’t a viable option.

Thanks for keeping this feature open as a possibility.
(Note: at this post, you mention that this is possible… for a non-meeting-attached chatbot to join a meeting and participate – but that nobody has done it yet that you know of. I might consider giving this a try… but it’s a bit deep for my first Zoom interface!)