Allow co-host to switch and assign Breakout Rooms

Give access to the co-host just like the host to control breakout rooms.

  1. Join Different Breakout room by themself
  2. Create/Manage Room
  3. Assign Attendees
  4. Start/Close the session
  5. Help Request (Good to have)

Hey @kunal,

Can you submit this product feature request on the product feature request page here please.


I have submitted it as an improvement,

thank you so much @tommy

  • Kunal
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Thank you! :slight_smile:


Is the Breakout room API available in WebSDK now ? If not when is it likely ?

Not yet @vijetha,

We have no timeline as of no.

Stay updated here:


Would love to see this added. As a host of large scale meetings iwth breakouts, it would be great to be able to share this responsibility with my teammates and have them be able to “cover” and co-facilitate.