Allow host to mute, "time out", or block individual chat participants in meetings

Describe the solution you’d like
Currently, hosts can only set the chat to allow participants to chat with Everyone/No One/Host And Co-hosts/Everyone And Anyone Directly. These settings will apply to all non-host participants in the meeting. I would like the ability to change the chat setting of individual participants.

I teach 6-9 hours per day on Zoom, primarily to children under 12. Occasionally, a single kid may struggle with using the chat appropriately; in those cases, I have no choice but to set the chat to “Host And Co-hosts”. This not only means my students aren’t able to connect with one another as fully as I’d like, but that they’re also keenly aware of which student got the chat locked.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Blocking individual words or phrases via the Chat Etiquette tool is not a solution in this case, as the problems are often with general spamming/nonsense words/etc rather than specific problematic words.

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This feature would be great.