" Unmute just for me" feature


When in a zoom meeting, it would be a great feature to be able to mute a participant just for ourselves. That way, some people can still hear them if they want to, but it’d be awesome to be able to choose wheather you want to hear someone or not. Some participants may be loud, maybe they left their microphone on and there’s noise and the host can’t mute them because they’re afk or maybe they haven’t even noticed that a participant is making noise so they can mute them.
Also, when two people who are in the same room join a meeting from different devices, they end up also hearing themselves from the other person’s device and there’s feedback.
By simply adding a “mute just for me” option when right clicking someone’s icon/name, or clicking the three dots on a participant’s window, these incidents can be avoided.

Why the lack of this feature is causing me problems personally.

I’m working at a Foundation where we host lectures that have audience both on zoom and in the auditorium. When the speaker has a power point presentation, for example, we have to use a separate laptop (co-host) for the screensharing, because the computer which we use to host the meeting and have all the cameras and microphones pluged in to (host) is in a separate room from the auditorium. Even if there is no need for screensharing, though, most speakers want to be able to see the zoom participants and answer any questions they may have. That’s why they need to also be able to hear the participants. But, because we’re using two different computers (host and co-host) that are obviously logged into different zoom accounts, they end up also hearing themselves, which is kind of frustrating.

Therefore, it would be great if the speaker (co-host) could mute the host computer, so they can hear other participants’ questions, without having to hear themselves when answering.

I hope I used the right phrasing so you can understand what my issue is with the lack of this feature.

In conclusion

It would be very much appreciated if you added a feature which would allow a participant to mute another participant just for themselves. It would solve various issues a lot of zoom users have, as I’ve read in multiple forums.

Thank you very much in advance, I really hope you take this recommendation into consideration.

All the best!