Allow joining meetings only on certain accounts on MacOS

Can I ask a question related with plist configuration (macOS)? We tried to restrict students access on college issued device. So they can only join School related meeting via Zoom.

I found this one the website, To configure the Zoom macOS client to only allow joining meetings for certain accounts, with a .plist deployment, the following key would need to be added to the us.zoom.config.plist file:

account ID

Does this setting still valid? I tried other plist settings and they all works expect this one. Could you please give me some hint?

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Sheng Li

Hi Sheng,

Thanks for the post. May I ask which website are you referring to?

Thanks for your reply Carson,

Here is where I found the information related with

Via plist configuration (macOS)

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Thanks for the reply. Are you using the regular Zoom client or the Zoom Client for IT Admin? As mentioned in the support link:

If you are not using the proper client, this setting might not work.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

Thanks for the advice, I’m using this installer to test with my .plist config.

I’ve triple checked with different ways, including uninstall it completely and re-install again, but still the same, everything in .plist works except this key.



Hi Tom,

Please try to change the key to “account”, such as:


Hope this helps. Thanks!