Zoom api meeting registration

Hi I have worked with zoom API and I would like to authenticate meeting so no one can join meeting only registered user but I have some questions for that :slight_smile:
1- does anyone have an account in a zoom that can join the meeting if he has the URL or only accounts which I registered on my account.
2- does each account I created will have a separate account with a dashboard as apart of my plan or free dashboard.
3-how can I invite-only some member of register account for meeting not all for example 10 out of 50 and so on
4- can I asked them to login with a username not email in case of join meeting
5- can the user login only from the web, not desktop and login for only not log in from multi-device for the same meeting

I use zoom API
thanks in advance

Hi @almeeqyas

  1. Meeting Registration can be set up to prevent someone from joining a meeting unless they are registered for the meeting. When Creating a Meeting via API, set approval_type to 0 or 1 to require registration.
  2. When you add a user onto the account, they will be available to be managed by an account Admin
  3. Meeting registration can be used to invite specific attendees and prevent anyone who is not registered from attending.
  4. User login is managed by email or Single-Sign On, not username
  5. Users can be restricted through login if you are the identity provider, but it may be difficult to prevent login from specific devices

you mean that i need to register users each time I create meeting

Hey @almeeqyas,

Yes, that is one solution mentioned above. :slight_smile:


okay. thanks. I have already achieved dit but your URL is not secure that I pass it to my users each one has different and unique URL but anyone has the link can join :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:

You can limit the number of devices joining with a specific url here:

Do you have any more questions?