Allow webinar poll questions to be optional

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Currently the API does not allow poll questions to be marked as optional. This means that our participants have to answer all questions given in a poll.
This is not ideal for our scenario.

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Describe the solution you’d like
We want an option to create webinar polls with the ability to flag questions as “optional” or “required” dependent on the use-case.
When creating or updating a poll through your API (and all related functions), we also need to have access to this setting.

Please consider adding the same functionality to meeting polls as well, your customers would appreciate that :slight_smile:

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The alternative so far has been to give a “No answer” option, but not only is it annoying to deal with, it’s also a usability nightmare, since we have to remind the participants to pick an answer in every question, even if they do not want to give an answer.

We are also looking into other providers at the moment, as we and the several accounts we hold for webinar purposes are reliant on this feature for the future.

With Regards.