/analytics_details Error: code: 300, message: Invalid parameter: type

Hi Team,

I have created a Server to Server OAuth Application in the Zoom Marketplace and use a Bearer Token for Authentication in Postman.

I am using Postman to make API calls for Zoom Recording Viewership details.
Find out who watched/downloaded a Zoom Recording.
Find out when the recording was accessed.
If possible to find out how much of the recording was viewed.

I am using the following API Calls:

I am using an 11 digit Meeting ID with a start date of 09/03/2023.

When I run:

  • Query: GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/analytics_summary

  • Result: analytics_summary with views on 2 separate dates - successful result

  • Query GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/analytics_details
    *** Result: Code: 300, Message: Invalid Parameter: type, Status: 400 bad request - unsuccessful result**

Any support with explaining why I receive an error message and how I can resolve this issue and retrieve the data I am looking for, when I use the /analytics_details GET request, would be much appreciated.

Warm regards,
Dan Stachlewski

Hi @daniel.stachlewski
thanks for reaching out to us and sorry we missed your post!
could you please share with me if you are still having this issue or if you have been able to troubleshoot this on your end?

I guess you may forget request query string parameter “type”.