Android app got crashed when join zoom meeting while it is working fine in iOS

Hello Team
I am using react-native-zoom-us with version 6.14.1 npm in my react native project. It is working fine in android and iOS both but from last week I am getting issue in android when joining call. App got crashed in android while it is working fine in iOS.

when I am using react-native-zoom-us library with version 6.14.1, I got error in android like error code 4, internal error=0.
To resolve this issue I tried to update react-native-zoom-us library to latest version which is 6.16.5 as suggested by many developers. But app got crashed.

Please suggest my how I will resolve this issue. It is working fine in iOS.

Hi @vaidsics ,

This is a 3rd party wrapper, and is not supported by Zoom. Do reach out to the author or other community members