Android Custom Meeting UI Docs missing key code

On the overview page, “Enable Custom Meeting UI” says “To use custom meeting UI, you need to enable this feature…”. Under that, the code block contains the same text with no indication of how to use:

Seems like a duplicated text typo, and it’s blocking me from doing anything custom.

I’ve added a MobileRTCVideoView to my custom XML layout, but not sure how to fill it with a meeting being joined. I do not want the call to be full screen.

Hi reeset,

Thanks for the post and thanks for pointing that out. We will fix that in the doc.

Regarding the issue you are facing, once you have added the MobileRTCVideoView into your XML layout, you can start customizing by following the instructions in the doc. For example, if you would like to know how to implement the meeting window, you may refer to:

Our demo app contains the full samples of how to implement each component mentioned in the doc:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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