Android : How to authenticate Zoom SDK using JWT instead of SDK key and Secret Key

Hello Team,
Am doing authentication using SDK key and secret key in my app, now I don’t want to do the Authentication using a SDK key and secret key, I wanted to use a JWT token instead, I generated JWT using Zoom marketplace and I have generated the token using this link

I commented out

initParams.appKey = SDK_KEY;
initParams.appSecret = SDK_SECRET;

and used initParams.jwtToken = JWT_TOKEN;

I get an error from Zoom saying “Zoom SDK is not initialized successfully”. Can you please help me with this?

Hello Team,
I also went through this link

where you have mentioned using an API key and API secret instead of SDK key and SDK Secret, we are getting the same message again “Zoom is not initialized successfully”. Can you please help us with this issue?

Hi @vignesh.9884843620,

When you authenticate the SDK with a JWT, you will still need to provide your SDK credentials in the JWT. You cannot authenticate the SDK with the key/secret used from any other app type. If you are getting a JWT directly from the Marketplace, it likely means that you are using the wrong app type. In order to use a JWT with the SDK, you will need to generate it yourself using the SDK key/secret associated with an SDK app type. More information can be found in our authentication docs.

If you are still seeing errors after following the above instructions, please provide the structure of your JWT payload (with your developer credentials redacted) and the error code you are seeing.


Hello @jon.lieblich,
We did a small mistake while generating the JWT token, we figured it out and we were able to run the meetings using the JWT token, thank you for your help and support.

That’s great to hear you were able to resolve this!

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out with any additional questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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