Android InstantSDK (1.0.2) is not working (crashes) on Nexus 5

App crashes on Nexus 5 whenever i try to initialize the SDK. I’d greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

**Demo App **

  1. Install the demo app on Nexus 5
  2. App crashes

**Integrated app **

  1. ZoomInstantSDK.getInstance().initialize(this.getApplicationContext(), params);
  2. App crashes

Nexus 5

Android Version

Exception arises from below code in Demo App

protected void initSDK() {
ZoomInstantSDKInitParams params = new ZoomInstantSDKInitParams();
params.domain = Constants.WEB_DOMAIN;
params.enableLog = true;
params.videoRawDataMemoryMode = ZoomInstantSDKRawDataMemoryMode.ZoomInstantSDKRawDataMemoryModeHeap;
params.audioRawDataMemoryMode = ZoomInstantSDKRawDataMemoryMode.ZoomInstantSDKRawDataMemoryModeHeap;
params.shareRawDataMemoryMode = ZoomInstantSDKRawDataMemoryMode.ZoomInstantSDKRawDataMemoryModeHeap;

int ret = ZoomInstantSDK.getInstance().initialize(this.getApplicationContext(), params);
if (ret != ZoomInstantSDKErrors.Errors_Success) {
    Toast.makeText(this, ErrorMsgUtil.getMsgByErrorCode(ret), Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
}else {
    ((TextView) findViewById(, ZoomInstantSDK.getInstance().getSDKVersion()));


**Logcat **

E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: preLoadCameraCapabilities
Process: us.zoom.InstantSDKPlaygroud, PID: 8380
java.lang.RuntimeException: Can’t create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()
at android.os.Handler.(
at android.os.Handler.(
at us.zoom.internal.RTCConfSessionHelper.(
at us.zoom.internal.RTCConference.(
at us.zoom.internal.RTCConference.initRTCConference(
at com.zipow.videobox.util.ZMPolicyDataHelper.a(
at us.zoom.internal.SDKApplication$
W/CameraBase: An error occurred while connecting to camera: 1
W/CameraBase: An error occurred while connecting to camera: 0


Hi @alam.ashraful, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing another crash. Can you please confirm whether or not this is being called from the main thread in your app? When you observe this behavior in the demo app, what changes have you made before running the app?


Hi @jon.lieblich , The exception occurs in our main thread. I changed nothing in the demo app before running. The previous(1.0.1) sdk(demo app) runs fine in Nexus 5 but the newer one crashes on startup.

Hi @alam.ashraful,

Thanks for confirming that. We will need to continue investigating this crash. Can you also please send the SDK logs over to


Hi @jon.lieblich , Thanks for your response.
I have sent an email( with full logs.

Hi @alam.ashraful,

Confirming that we have received your email. We will investigate this crash and let you know as soon as we have any updates.


Can we use zoom in to a website LMS for taking online classes and also will it work while using any VPN? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @apksclub, thanks for using Zoom.

Your question appears to be related to the Zoom client. This forum is meant to assist developers who are integrating our SDKs into their own applications. For help with the Zoom client, please visit our general support page. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had the same issue on a Pixel 2 XL running Android 11. The previous SDK version worked fine but the problem showed up after upgrading the SDK to 1.0.2. What I discovered was that the app needed permissions to file access during the Welcome screen startup. I then deleted the app’s cache and manually set the permissions under the app settings. If you ever delete the cache, the permissions are removed, so they need to be manually set. Simply running the app from Android Studio does not fix this problem.

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