Android SDK: Errors_Memory_Error. Any workarounds?


I’m using the Android SDK (latest as of 2022.07.13) within my application and when calling

        int ret = ZoomVideoSDK.getInstance().getShareHelper().startShareScreen(data);

I get the error code: Errors_Memory_Error: (4)

My system memory is around 800-820MB when I start the application out of 1.9GB and I’ve noticed that:

  1. I sometimes get the ret val 0 and screensharing working
  2. I sometimes get the ret val 4


  1. What is the recommended starting memory amount of the system in order not to get this error?
  2. Are there any workarounds for setting certain parameters on the sdk to potentially not hit this limit (more memory friendly options?)
  3. Any debugging tips?



Smartphone (please complete the following information):
Android 9

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