Hello Zoom Tech Team! Please help me on windows sdk

After update zoom windows c# wrapper sdk v5.10.1.4450 i am keep on getting out of memory exception.
I used to use sdk v5.7.6.1081.

My program runs on .net framework, 4k monitor ( and resolution is 3850 * 2160 ).
Everything is find unless i do start screen share. When i start screen sharing and after certain amount of time, the program is still running but the ui does not react on input such as mouse click and produce out of memory exception. But when i end the task of screen share, sometime the program runs again.

Since zoom is only provide 32bits process , we are short on memory.

So what i want to ask is when 64 sdk release, and why old sdk runned fine ( i mean consume less memory ) . Also is there any way to reduce memory usage?

Hi @ssijcfe,

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues with screen sharing. Are you able to reproduce this in the native C++ SDK sample app using the same version?


Thing is that everything works fine if i run the zoom demo sdk(C# wrapper sdk).

Our project is based on C#, so it is really hard or impossible to reproduce this problem.

The screen share problem seems to be only appear when the sdk implemented on to our project which already requires lots of memories.

Hi @ssijcfe,

Since this is only reproducible in your own implementation and not the sample app, it seems to be more of an issue with your app’s memory usage rather than the SDK itself. We recommend optimizing the memory performance of your app, as future releases of the SDK may consume more memory as the functionality of the Zoom platform continues to expand.


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