Android SDK - Meeting Service Listener


onMeetingStatusChanged method doesn’t return meeting status.


Hi mxpmobiledev,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Could you share more info on the issue you are facing? Was the SDK being successfully initialized? Was the meeting successfully launched? Is the method onMeetingStatusChanged being called? Any additional info would help us to identify your issue.



Hello Carson_Chen,

Yes, the sdk was successfully initialized and the meeting was successfully launched.

But when I tried to log the meeting status. It doesn’t return anything.

This is the code



I also try the sample project and the output is the same.

This is the code in the sample project.


Hi mxpmonbiledev,

Thanks for the reply. I tried to reproduce the issue but unfortunately I was not able to reproduce that.

Normally if you were able to initialize the SDK, and successfully launch a meeting, then the onMeetingStatusChanged should be called and the output should look like above. Can you provide the SDK logs so that we can further analyze the issue?