Angular Create a meeting with random meetingID

I am in angular v14, I need help to create a meeting with a random meeting id.
can you share the sample code how to do it in angular?


Hi, @kokkein,

Welcome to the Developer Forum! You will want to hit the Create Meeting Endpoint to accomplish your goal.

Create Meeting Endpoint

Here is an example code snippet for your reference :

var myHeaders = new Headers();
myHeaders.append("Authorization", "Bearer  YOUR TOKEN");
myHeaders.append("Content-Type", "application/json");
myHeaders.append("Cookie", "_zm_lang=en-US; _zm_mtk_guid=b2fed383f6f345c78ef07479027467b9; _zm_visitor_guid=b2fed383f6f345c78ef07479027467b9");

var raw = JSON.stringify({
  "topic": "Create Meeting",
  "type": 2,
  "start_time": "2022-01-25T22:00:00Z",
  "password": "123456"

var requestOptions = {
  method: 'POST',
  headers: myHeaders,
  body: raw,
  redirect: 'follow'

fetch("{userId}/meetings", requestOptions)
  .then(response => response.text())
  .then(result => console.log(result))
  .catch(error => console.log('error', error));