Answering a PhoneCall outside of ZoomClient

I couldn´t find anything in the development docs about answering phone calls outside the client.

When I get a call and my ZoomClient is ringing, my webapp shows a notification using a webhook, that someone calls me.
I would like to click on the notification on my webapp to answer the phonecall in the ZoomClient. If I want to make a call, you provide a link, to start that call in your client. But can I also answer an incoming call?
I only want to tell the running zoomClient to pick up the call.

Hi @Florentine , do you still need support with this?

Is what Florentine mentions supported in any way? Answer a call or create a peer-to-peer call from our webapp?

We do have some solutions we are working on. I would encourage to watch a developer session from Zoomtopia last month that covers the options.

You will need to sign up for a free account at, and then you can watch the recording. The session you are looking for is called “Dive into Zoom Phone’s New Smart Embed Application”

@justin.steinberg This video you mentioned is 15 mins and doesn’t provide any details on how to use this. Can your provide links to documentation, roadmap, timing, etc? Anything more specific ?

Hi Sarah,

The two features discussed in the Zoomtopia developer session are beta and you would need to contact your Zoom account team to inquire about participating in the beta. Once the features are generally available public documentation would be available.

Hopefully the Zoomtopia video provided some insight into what is coming and which call control option would be best for your requirement.

It is possible to answer an incoming call on the Zoom client programmatically using the Zoom API. You can use the Zoom Phone API to manage phone numbers, call routing, and other phone-related features.

To answer an incoming call programmatically, you can use the Zoom Phone API’s “Answer a Call” endpoint. This API endpoint can be used to programmatically answer an incoming call on a specific Zoom Phone device. You can find more information on this endpoint in the Zoom Phone API documentation.

To trigger this endpoint from your web app, you can use an HTTP request, either via a JavaScript function or through a server-side script. You can also set up a webhook to receive incoming call events from the Zoom API, which can then trigger the “Answer a Call” API call.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.