Any Function to activate VideoCam with WebSDK script

Hi, Community, first sorry for my English!

I have my component in react Zoom, all work!, but I need a button function to activate Video Cam! in case that is not active in the first connection.

I’m use a button to mute the mic. Example:

Any idea how activate/ deactivate the video cam any function??

Hey @alberto.belen, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Your English is good!

The Web SDK currently does not have a way to programmatically activate / deactivate the camera.

We want to make sure the end user has control over their camera for privacy.


Hey Tommy,

Am doing prototype with Zoom Web SDK for one of my project. I noticed currently Video (mute/unmute) is not supporting in Web SDK. Is there any plan for implementing this feature Or is there any other way to (mute/unmute) Video form Web SDK?.

I noticed except Web SDK, IOS and Windows are supporting this feature.


Hi, nandakumar…

I’m use this function to mute audio.

ZoomMtg.mute({ mute: false/true });

You can try this function.

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Hi Alberto,

Thanks for your reply.

My requirement is Video (mute/Unmute).


Hey @nandakumar,

As of now the Web SDK does not have this feature, but we are working on adding it sometime this year.