Any way to create a contact for a user?

Hi all! Wondering if there’s a way to create/import contacts for a user via the API? At first glance it appears not but trying to confirm.

We have a platform for playing games over Zoom; the set up is currently a manual process for the user… set up a meeting, invite people, share your screen.

We’re working to streamline the setup and invitation process. One feature we’d like to add is adding anyone a user plays games with on our platform as a contact, to make it easier to schedule and invite them to another game in the future. To do this, we’d need a way to add or import contacts into a user’s profile.

Looking at the Contacts endpoint, all the options are around getting contact lists and details, no POSTs there. Is the capability captured under a different endpoint and we’re just missing it, or can you not do this?


Hi @james.simmons,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question. While I don’t believe that we have any API capabilities of this kind, I might also suggest reaching out to our Technical Support team here to confirm if there are any alternative methods available from within the Zoom portal/UI.


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