Any way to increase volume to the max value

Hi there,
I’m wondering if there’s any way to increase volume to the max value when joining a meeting?
I’m using MPVolumeView and I managed to set maximum value for my application but it seems that Zoom uses its own audio session so it just ignores my settings and sets its own volume level.
It’s critical for my application to make the volume as loud as it’s possible when users are having meetings. But I didn’t find any useful setting/param/etc for doing it. Any suggestions? Thanks

Hi vvysotskyy,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We do not have the interface to change the volume and we do not have any workaround for this. The only solution would be the user to increase the volume by themselves while in the meeting.


Hi Carson_Chen,
Thanks for the reply. I’m facing the issue on all iOs versions I’ve tested. I don’t think it somehow depends on the version. But the last one I’ve ran the app on is 12.4.
I’m using MPVolumeView to change the volume level right before I start a meeting and it seems to work (I see the system volume view with max value selected) but when I’m on a meeting, I see that my volume level is different so I had to manually increase the value.
It seems to me that Zoom uses different Audio session. I’ve tried to call AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().setActive(true) before calling MPVolumeView but it didn’t work.


Thanks for the reply and the info. Hope the above reply helps.


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Hello is there a way to increase the max volume on zoom chrome book OS?

Hey @nshtir,

This forum is actually for the iOS SDK, however I think you can find your answer here: