Local, per-user/individual volume control in Zoom meetings/webinars/etc

I can’t for the life of me figure out why Zoom Meetings/Webinars have no individual user volume controls in-meeting for all the users on a local control (client side). :slightly_frowning_face: Zoom is awesome and has many things that other platforms don’t do well, but this one is really lacking, considering there is much more technically-heavy infrastructure and features that Zoom does have and already implements.

While the semi-recent enhancements to echo cancellation, etc. have helped a tad, there isn’t any way for a user to control the volume of another user locally – so that, for example, if one user is coming in too loud or another user is on a phone call and wants to lower the volume of a particular user (with a slider) on their end only.

Describe the solution you’d like
It would be really game-changing if there was a way a user could adjust other users’ volume locally (that is, it only affects what they hear and does not affect the rest of the meeting). There are other apps that do this, but Zoom does not.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
No Zoom based alternatives I can see, but correct me if I’m wrong. :+1:

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Hey @saro,

Thanks for sharing your feature request. I can see how this would be useful, however, this is unrelated to the Zoom App Marketplace and APIs.

Please submit a feature request here: support.zoom.us