Any way to join a meeting without showing the URL


I am looking for a way to integrate Zoom into our web-based festival framework, in such a way that it does not show the URL in a new browser when users are directed to Zoom (see https:/ ). Because, an URL can be copied to social media, which makes it easy for non-paid customers (friends of paid customers) to join sessions without paying.

An iframe would be nice, however any other way to integrate it that works right now will do. For now the Zoom Client SDK does not suit our purpose because the example has too many javascript-dependencies, and it uses too much client-specific sourcecode to be kept compatible.

I am looking for any solution that is available now!

What I would like is a way which is similar to Jitsi. I know, Zoom is way much better at smaller bandwiths, is more stable and provides many more functions (like breakout-rooms and advanced whiteboard functions and so on), that is why we use Zoom. However Jitsi’s API really is very maintainable and maybe inspirational:

Thank you for any options!

With warm regards,