API and SDK questions for web app integration

We have developed a self-paced offline learning web app for a large school district. We’re working on integrating Zoom for live video/synchronous learning directly into our application.

A requirement is that we support primarily web based video sessions, so we will need to use the Web SDK combined with the API to create meetings. We’re starting by just implementing “instant meetings”. Teacher will click a “Go Live” button and as I understand it, we will call the API to create the meeting giving us back both the start and join URL’s. We will then via the Web SDK use the start URL to join the teacher to the session and embed it in an iFrame on our application. From there, we will push the join URL to the student’s portals and the Web SDK to join them to the live session. I hope this thinking is correct. A couple questions I have:

  1. I want to ensure by doing this we can count on Zoom’s ability to scale. We’re looking at over 115k kids and 9k teachers hosting meetings.
  2. I noticed the Web SDK does not have gallery view. Will this be added? Or will it only have “speaker” view. I noticed the speaker view is also not the same as the fat client’s speaker viewer. It only shows the participant and on speaker at a time. Can this be changed to show more at once via the Web SDK?
  3. Is there anyway to modify the styling of the Web SDK iFrame (I.e. change colors, tweak the look of the zoom navigation menu, etc.) so that it looks more embedded in our application.

Hey @landon.isaacs,

Can I ask how many students are joining each meeting?

The Web SDK will support Gallery view in the future, sometime later this year. You can stay updated here:

Not out of the box, but you can override the default Web SDK styles with CSS or JS.


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