Web Sdk integration like as in monday application

Hi community members,

I am seeking a help from you guys in regards to Zoom SDK integration in web, Android & iOS. My application is an online coaching, where there are two type of users tutors and students. I would like to use zoom for live streaming of online sessions. I am able to integrate zoom on my web and Android. . I would like to ensure that if all the tutors would like to conduct online sessions then they can do. The sessions would be 1 to 1 between a tutor and the student.

Now the problem is only 1 tutor can start meeting at 1 time. The other tutors cant start their meeting. They get message that one meeting is in process.

The process which I would like to follow is:

  1. Tutor click on Zoom call button
  2. Sign up/Sign in and pre-approve the app
  3. Start meeting
  4. End meeting

Please help me in this process, what should I do to create multi-user login instead of conducting the meetings from a single account. Thanks in advance

Hey @andthinkstartpvt,

If you could provide steps to reproduce the issue that would be helpful.

Make sure a different user is the host as only one host can start / be in one meeting at a time.


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