API attendee report for webinar (meetings also) - No permission

We started creation of meetings/webinar using our functional account vmh behalf of users when providing their email address in URL during POST API call for creation like here

Meeting is created and user has access to it. Also, using our functional account, we are able to access that webinar from API but looks that we are not able to call API for reporting . We got that error:
GET /v2/report/webinars/81705920566/participants
message:“No permission”

In the same time we noticed that we are able to access
GET /v2/past_webinars/81705920566/participants

But we implemented our code using that report URL. What is needed in that case to see data using that api and our functional account? /past_webinars/81705920566/participants API
I guess some scope is missing but not sure which one.

Current our scope is
“scope”: “user:write:admin meeting_token:read:admin:local_recording user:read:admin meeting:read:admin:sip_dialing recording:write:admin report:read:admin contact:read:admin meeting_token:read:admin:live_streaming webinar:read:admin app:deeplink:read:admin webinar_token:read:admin:local_recording meeting_token:read:admin:local_archiving webinar_token:read:admin:local_archiving webinar:write:admin webinar_token:read:admin:live_streaming app:deeplink:write:admin marketplace_app:read:admin meeting:read:admin recording:read:admin meeting:write:admin”

Hi @vmh.support ! If the user querying the endpoint has the correct role permissions to see that info, it sounds like you may have a master-sub account structure. If this is the case, you need to use the master account prefix for the endpoint: Zoom Meeting Master API