API Block Phone Number Error

Hello all!

I was directed by zoom to post my issue here.

We are using Celigo to import a list of phone numbers we would like to block in Zoom.

The endpoint is -


We are using PATCH

The data is -

“match_type”: “phoneNumber”,
“phone_number”: “{{record.phones}}”,
“block_type”: “inbound”,
“status”: “active”

And the error we get is -

“source”: “application”,
“code”: 400,
“message”: “{"code":104,"message":"Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[phone:update:blocked_list:admin]."}”,
“resolved”: false,
“occurredAt”: 1715630418769,
“classification”: “connection”

We have that scope added.

Any leads would help!


I see you sending some replies related to API/APP/SCOPE issues, could you help on this. Our solutions consultant pushed us here to resolve the issue we are having.

@gianni.zoom I am seeing some responses by you over the past 2 months regarding a bug. I feel like this is what I am experiencing.

Could you advise?

Hi @FlockiT ,

Could you please share who directed you? If you have the scope added, but you are receiving that error, it sounds like a bug and a ticket is appropriate. If you opened a support ticket and were directed here, please share the number :slight_smile: