API credentials for Meeting Recordings?


My Node backend is trying to access the transcription contents of a VTT file I get from Zoom, but I’m getting a status: 401 response that leads to an errorCode: 300 “Forbidden” error.

It appears that in the past, there was a Docs page specifically about this API, as linked on this page and another 2020 topic I found on the forums, but when I follow the Link I get a “page does not exist [anymore]” error and get redirected to the general API Docs. https://developers.zoom.us/docs/api/rest/reference/zoom-api/methods/#tag/Meetings doesn’t seem to have a page anymore for “Get Past Meeting Recording.”

I’m able to get an access_token. I’m able to download the summary of the four files that Zoom saves from the recorded meeting (m4a, mp4, cc.vtt, and transcript.vtt), and from there I can get the downloadURL of the VTT file, as well as a “passcode” and “download_token” for the whole bundle.

My API call in JS looks like:

const response = await axios.get(downloadUrl, {
	headers: {
		'Authorization': `Bearer ${accessToken}`,

… but, as mentioned initially, this gets error responses. I can’t find where in the API Docs it says how to use the passcode or download_token at all, if they’re needed. (I thought I found a document hinting that I should use the download_token in a querystring, i.e. my url above was replaced with ${downloadUrl}&include_fields=${downloadToken} (with backticks around it), but that didn’t change the errors in the response.)

Can someone give me a hint? Thanks!

Hi, @mckay.bonham
Thanks for reaching out to us.
The link to the docs is here:

Let me know if this is what you are looking for

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