API for in-meeting chat message

Hello, I read history post of in-meeting chat API and there is no latest update. I know that there was no API available before (year 2022) but is there any update on it now? Thanks

@cheng996 Hope you will be fine.

You are asking regarding REST API or Meeting SDK API?

The REST API is the best way. Otherwise is there any other solution to send in-meeting chat messages to all participants using Java?

@cheng996 there is no in-meeting rest api to send messages. But by using Windows Meeting SDK or WebSDK Component View you can send messages.

Windows SDK based on C++. Is there any SDK based on Java-spring? In addition, I saw there used to have IM chatting APIs. What’s the “IM” means? Is that means “in-meeting” ?


Yes :point_up_2:

Here are the supported Meeting SDKs

:point_up_2: It is Teams Chat I think so.

@cheng996 Here is Teams Chat

My project is based on Java-Spring. Is there any way to achieve sending in-meeting chat message? In addition, Is there any scope required using SDK?