rest API support chatting in meetings


I was looking at the Key Functions of the API and I didnt see the ability of chatting, is it a standard feature so it was not mentioned or it is not possible with the current API?

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Hi Feras, 

Currently, our APIs do not support in meeting chat. We do have Chat Bot API forsending messages but that is only for sending messages between 2 or more people & groups not meetings. 


Is this api now available or not ? I am also looking to get chat data from meeting but I am also not getting.

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Hi @popat, we do not currently offer API support for retrieving in-meeting chats, as the APIs are typically utilized for pre and post meeting actions. In-meeting actions are typically handled using one of our SDKs.

(Note: A user in a meeting can however save a .txt file of the meeting chat.)

Please let us know if this helps, or if we can answer any further questions on this.

instead of opening a new post I just add myself to the users needing to get in-meeting chat messages, possibly through API.

You said that in-meeting actions are handled using one of your sdks… so, could you please explain how to build a web page that downloads the in-meeting chat through the web sdk? That could be a nice workaround…