API for the "Zoom Assistant - Phone" setting?

API for the “Zoom Assistant - Phone” setting?

We recognized, that the “Zoom Assistant - Phone” is a nice feature for a couple of our users. But to enable that for a multiple hundred of users is very time and ressources consumting. Is there a way to enable that feature for the Users by an API? I excpacted that setting somewhere under the users/settings API, where I also can enable the delegation of a user.

For now I couldn´t find anything around that option in any of the phone APIs. Maybe it is hide somewhere else.


Hi @dennis.raulien , unfortunately, it’s not available to turn on via API at this time, but likely in a future release. Thanks for communicating your user experience to help us improve.

Thanks a lot @gianni.zoom for the information. Hopefully you will put it onto your feature update list or so :wink:

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Hopefully! Your feedback helps tremendously!