API for who streamed video in a meeting

Is there an endpoint that will tell me who had their video going and when in a recorded meeting? This would be useful to know who has video going and how many people are streaming. In the case where there is no video at all (audio only meeting) we still get an active speaker stream with just the name of the person who is talking on a black screen. It would be nice to identify that scenario as well to know that the active speaker stream doesn’t have any useful video.

The webhooks have events for join/leave meeting and start/stop sharing. Why not events for start/stop video per user?

Hi @zoom-test ,

We do have Webhooks for the recording events.

You can consider using the the following recording API:

The following Dashboard API can give you the the sharing and recording details of participants from live or past meetings:

Hi Ojus!

I had not seen that metrics api before. I dug into the sharing/recording details one and it does surface when sharing started/stopped and when recording started/stopped.

It does not have the information I want though. I am looking for data of when user A starts their video (aka webcam) stream and stops. This is the data I would like to see. Do you have an api for that?


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Also Ojus, the dashboard api was missing a lot of recordings, or at least I thought until I played around with the type parameter and actually got results back. This is very counter-intuitive as the default is live and not past. I would think the default would be something like all and then you can filter with a specific type if you want.

It was also frustrating when I was trying to query a meeting directly by id with this api:
/metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants/sharing but unless I added the ?type=past to it the api said the meeting didn’t exist or was expired. This seems really weird to require the type parameter when you are specifically referencing a meeting by its uuid which is supposed to be universal.

Hey @zoom-test,

Unfortunately at this time we do not have an endpoint for this.

Thank you for your feedback, and we will use this to improve our docs :slight_smile:


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So maybe just want to clarify in a different way. Is there any way to tell if a meeting was all audio, no video, not even screen sharing, by accessing information from the API and webhooks?

Hey @zoom-test,

To check if a meeting has/had video you can use our GET /metrics/meetings endpoint or GET /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}. There is a has_video value in the response.