Get current recording and streaming status for a meeting

Hi, given a meeting ID, how can I tell if that meeting is:

  1. current being recorded (to cloud)
  2. has the stream status as started


Hey @jimig,

  1. You can use our Recording Started Webhook to be automatically notified of when a user starts recording a meeting.
  1. By stream, do you mean sharing screen? If so we have a Meeting Sharing Started Webhook as well:

Let me know if this helps!


Hey Tommy

Thanks! I will use the recording hooks to track recording status on our side.

With 2, Iā€™m referring to this:

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Hey @jimig, happy to help!

Currently we do not have a Webhook to notify of live streaming status (started/ended).

I would suggest seeing if the streaming service you are using has Webhooks to notify of streaming started / ended events.