API get/report/webinars/{webinarId}/participants gives only latest webinar report


I am looking to get the webinar participants details of a webinar that has held several times. For example, for webinar ID - 12345, held on multiple days such as day1, day2 and day3. Current API only gives back the details of participants of the webinar held on day3. Is there any API to get all participants of same webinar ID but held in different days?

Hey @hills,

Yes, you will need to pass in the webinarUUID. When passing in a recurring webinar id, it will only return the latest instance.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Hi tommy,

Thank you for your reply.

Where can I access UUID of all recurring webinars? Currently I am using API - GET


to get the list of all webinars. It only provides me single UUID for each webinars and I assume that is for latest webinar.


I am using following API to get individual UUID hope it will work.


Thank you. :smiley:

Hey Tom,

I am getting few missing values in Agenda column when getting list of webinars under provided userID. I used following API. The agenda is there in the zoom portal but not when I am downloading through API.


Also, how is duration calculated for individual participants because I am getting values ranging from negative value -27 to 88000.

Really appreciated,

Hey @hills,

Can you share a copy of the full request and body of the response, for your call to the users/userId/webinars endpoint, so we can make sure we’re on the same page? If you’re able to share a screenshot of what you’re seeing the UI as well, this will be helpful for us to help debug!


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