Options for recurring webinars?

Are there any apps/options to extract info regarding recurring webinars?

We have a webinar with multiple available date/times, but the ID of the webinar remains the same. We want to identify who chose what date/times and push that into Salesforce (CRM), but it doesn’t appear to be available when working with apps on the marketplace, or even a third party connector like Zapier. It only works off of the main webinar ID which isn’t useful for our use case.


Hi @rhpfp ,

Thank you for your inquiry. Are you looking for this information from prior instances of a recurring webinar?

If so, if you query this endpoint, you can retrieve the occurrence ids of previous instances in a recurring webinar and subsequently drill down further for the instance info you seek:


Hi @gianni.zoom,

The historical information doesn’t matter as much as the ongoing instances. Can the recurrence information actually be pulled as a separate variable?

Hey @rhpfp,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Once a meeting/webinar has been started, you’ll want to use the UUID of the webinar to reference a specific instance. You should be able to use the Get a Webinar API with the Meeting ID to obtain the UUID, and other information, of the most recently, started instance of the meeting.

We also have the Get Webinar Details Dashboard API which can provide information about live meetings given an ID.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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