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In Zoom API Play Ground, we are unable to get API response for below mentioned API URL

We request your API Development Team support to proceed further. As of now we are unable to generate the Access Token in Zoom API Play Ground. Is there any modification is in progress in Zoom Playground??

Hi @catalyze.business,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Community. We are happy to help you.

Before we dive deep into troubleshooting, here is some information about the API:
1.The API is only available for paid accounts that have enabled the dashboard feature.
2. If you are looking to retrieve the details of the participants for a past meeting, within query parameters, please make sure that type = past , if there was only one participant, type should be pastone. By default the type is live
3. Please make sure that the meeting ID is correct
4. Due to some security concerns, we no longer automatically generate the access token in Send a Test Request section, you need to enter your credentials manually.

I hope the above information helps. If that still does not resolve your issue, please provide us with more details (for e.g: the response), so that we can investigate it further.


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Thanks for your wonderful support. I have copied & pasted API Secret Key from our Already created App [App Name - API Check, which is created 2 months back] and generate Access Token in Zoom Playground but I got below mentioned Error. PFB for your reference.
Error getting access token, check the developer console for more details.

Kindly support me to rectify the same.

Hey @catalyze.business,

Just to confirm, you are using the OAuth App Type credentials?

Here are the steps I took to successfully call the GET Retrieve Meeting Participants endpoint in the sandbox,

  1. Create an Account-level OAuth app. Use https://zoom.us as redirect and whitelist url. Also add the dashboard:read:admin scope on the Scopes page.

  1. Click the purple “Get Access Token” button here.

  1. Enter your OAuth Apps Client and Secret in the respective inputs and click the green “Get Access Token” button.


  1. Enter your meeting id / meeting number in the sandbox and click the purple “Send” button


You should see a successful response.

Let me know if this works!


Dear Tommy,
I Tried to Create OAuth App , in that final stage it asking me for install. while i am clicking install button its automatically redirected to this Url. “https://zoom.us/?code=foRyu3Ba0l_l_OQ519FQUOzDcQtMqNtTA” Then nothing happened. Kindly suggest me if anything wrong in my end. I followed the Oauth app creation steps one by one as provided in your steps screenshot.

Hey @catalyze.business,

You do not need to install your OAuth app to use the sandbox. To use the sandbox, you just need to copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret into the inputs I shared above, and then click the green “Get Access Token” button.

Let me know if this helps!