API returning empty list of meetings/recordings when it should not


I have an issue regarding zoom rest api integration. Have created test meetings, have pro version and configured oauth but when I am trying to get meetings or cloud recordings for each user I don’t see any meetings (‘meetings’ API field is empty array).
Do I need to do something more? Why is that?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @pjanecze ,

Can you please share your full request/response with sensitive information removed?


Hey, thanks for reply!

First I am getting users lists:
GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/users?page_size=300

than for each user I am doing:
GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{user_id}/recordings?page_size=300&from=2021-05-01&to=2020-05-12

All requests returns json:
{‘from’: ‘2021-05-01’, ‘to’: ‘2021-05-01’, ‘page_count’: 0, ‘page_size’: 0, ‘total_records’: 0, ‘next_page_token’: ‘’, ‘meetings’: }

Even though some users have recordings.

Maybe I am doing something wrong here.
Basically, I want to take all cloud recordings in the zoom account and then show them on my UI. Is this the correct way of doing this?

@gianni.zoom have you seen my answer? Would be happy if I get some answer, thanks :wink:

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