API to get a user's shared line groups?

Is there a way to get a Zoom Phone User’s Shared Line Group membership?

It’s not returned in any of the /v2/phone/users endpoints that I’m seeing, nor by anything under /v2/phone/shared_line_groups that would let you query by user.

It looks like the only option is to get a list of all SLGs via /v2/phone/shared_line_groups, then query each one for the desired user (after you’ve fetch the user’s ID from their email address via /v2/phone/users/).

@sosherof ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. I’ve reviewed the available API endpoints and don’t see one for grouping membership by memberID. I’m happy to share this feedback with our internal team for consideration. Could you provide more details about how querying by memberID would enhance your workflow? This insight will help the team understand its potential value.

I’m building an interface for my customer service group to simplify their MACD work in our environment. Sometimes customers call and say “I need Bob’s SLG membership to be the same as mine.” Right now there’s not a good way to tell which SLGS the customer is in with looking in every one of them (either via API or even in the web UI).

@sosherof ,

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve relayed it to our team. Could you please submit a feature request as the next step? Please provide a detailed description of your use case, including the specific functionality you desire, how it would fit into your workflow, and how it would enhance your API experience. The more thorough your use case, the better we can comprehend your needs and advocate for this feature. Once we have this information, we can submit your request to our product team for future release consideration.


Thanks but it appears my company administrator has not enable the option to Give Feedback. As we have 10s of thousands of users, they likely won’t. Is there a different way to submit the feature request?

Any update? I cannot submit a feature request using the documented method.

Happy to help with submitting a feature request on your behalf. I will send over a private message, please share the details about your use case there , @sosherof !