API to grab Webinar details after a call for a data warehouse

Hi, one of our clients is creating a dashboard for their team with useful stats for the team potentially using tableau.
They would like to be able to feed their Webinar stats and information into their dashboard. Information from previous events like this is requested to be on their feed:
Attendance for each event.
Feedback from zoom survey.
Number of users from each department and division. (By email domain)
Overview of event.

Is this doable?

Thanks for the help,


Hi @mark.harpum , see the following endpoints:

Attendance for each event:

Feedback from zoom survey:

Number of users from each department and division:

  • List users will provide information for all users on a Zoom account: Zoom User API

Overview of event: Can you please clarify if you mean the Zoom Events product or summary of meeting and webinar details?

Hi Gianni, thanks for the quick reply.
It will be Webinars we need the overview for. Just a general summary really as they are recorded.
Is there a way to separate out the attendees by email domain?
We don’t need a list of all users, just the ones attending the webinars. We have over 7k users on our account.


@mark.harpum , there are a few endpoints to choose from for the information you’d like: Zoom Meeting API

Given they are internal users to your account, you will be able to see their email in participant endpoints provided you require they be logged in (authenticated) to join the webinars.

Thank you for this info. You will have to be patient with me here as I have never used API’s before. I have been reading through some documentation on how API’s work with Zoom. Do you have any documentation on how integration with tableau would work? I don’t understand where to put the scripts you have sent over or how to compile them.
Would it be within a Zoom app that I create?
I have created an app on marketplace with all the details I would need from webinars using the Server-to-Server OAuth app type.
It tells me the app is activated but I have no idea how to access it or use it. I can’t find it on my account or zoom app.
Any pointers or help would be appreciated.

Hi @mark.harpum , no worries! What I shared were the REST API endpoints documentation to access the data you’re likely looking for, but these are not scripts. For guidance, take a look at the our public workspace overview for how to query these endpoints.

We don’t have an official supported integration with Tableau at this time, but we do have support with Zapier which I believe you can try.

Here’s what I found: Tableau Community Forums

As far as the type of app, let’s see if Zapier is viable for you and then we can reconvene.

Thank you Gianni,
I will do some research on Zapier and see if it is possible. Will be in touch when I know more.


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Awesome! Looking forward to hearing back @mark.harpum