API to Upload User Profile Picture Failing with 403 (Forbidden)

We have an existing scheduled process (.net) that uploads user profile pictures using the POST /users/{userId}/picture API. Recently, the process began failing with a 403 (Forbidden) response.

The production process is a JWT app and recently deprecated. I requested the one-time extension of 1 month. Upon doing so, the other API calls started working again. Upon reviewing logs, I’ve noticed that this 403 error has been occurring, in production, for many months for the upload picture process.

I have created OAuth server-to-server apps in the marketplace to upgrade our existing processes. However, when running the upgraded process (from code), which is using OAuth server-to-server, I am getting the same response from Zoom, which is 403 (Forbidden) for the upload picture API call only.

The OAuth server-to-server account being used for this application does have the “user:write:admin” scope assigned. The documentation mentions that “user:write” is needed too, but that option isn’t made available as a scope. But, again, this is failing the same way with the JWT app.

The other API calls are working, both in the (extended) JWT and rewritten OAuth server-to-server versions.

Also, I’ve noticed that both the old (extended JWT) and new (OAuth server-to-server) apps are NOT logging these 403s in the Call Logs in the App Marketplace.

Both the old and new processes are using the following URL to upload pictures:
https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{user id}/picture”


Hi, Thanks for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Can you share the POST /users/{userId}/picture API call? Once received, I will test on my end and share what I learn.

Hi Donte,

I’ve shared the HTTP request created by my code:

Please let me know if you need more info.


@donte.zoom Any progress on this problem?

Hi @sfaraclas , was this resolved? If so, please share how.

If not, can you please answer the following?:

This has not been resolved.

I’m disappointed to have not received a reply until 2 months later.

Hi @sfaraclas , can you please respond to the above?

Your feelings are valid! While we try our best to get back to as many people as possible, sometimes this does not happen. The forum is an open resource for Zoom developer discussion and help, where we encourage fellow community members to step in and assist one another. If you would benefit from having SLA support, please checkout our premier developer support options.

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Hope you will be fine.

Here is the session on how to upload a Zoom user profile picture.