API updates May 4th 2020

Hello Zoom Developers,

In continuation with Zoom’s recent announcement pertaining to our 90 day security initiative, we have released new changes to our APIs.
There is now a new parameter “personal_meeting” in the settings API (User Settings, Group Settings, Account Settings) that indicates whether PMI is enabled or disabled.
If this setting is disabled, all previously scheduled meetings ( scheduled using PMI) will be invalid. No future meetings can be scheduled using PMI unless the setting is turned back on.

Enhanced User and Meeting APIs to follow the Disable PMI setting applied on Account, Group and User settings.

  • GET /meetings/{meetingId}
  • POST /users/{userId}/meetings
  • PATCH /meetings/{meetingId}
  • GET /meetings/{meetingId}/invitation
  • GET /users
  • GET /users/{userId}
  • PATCH /users/{userId}

For full details about this release you can visit our API change log page and you can always visit our upcoming API changes page for a preview of what’s to come throughout our developer platform.

As always,

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