Api usage plan pro or business or enterprise


Try to understand if the account is free pro business or education

API Endpoint/s?
use the endpoint:

Additional context
Get different keys in response when using pro account or business account.
Don’t find documentation about how to understand if account if pro or business or enterprise
How to understand the plan type? use hosts count?

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Have you tried using the List sub accounts endpoint?

I would also suggest you to look into the Get sub account details endpoint
Let me know if this helps,

I tried Get account settings /accounts/me
And got 401 error.
I need to understand about the specific account so sub accounts are not help and I use only account_id=“me”.
There is an option to get pro or business from get plan usage?
like the hosts number in plan base?
In some cases I also get a plan bundle key and this is not documented, this key may help me?
Zoom Meeting Master Account API

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