Determine if user has Pro Plan

Hi there, hope you are doing good today.

I would like to know if there is any API response property, specific endpoint, and/or some way to infer/determine based on data if a user has the Pro Plan.

Right now, I have been reaching this endpoint GET /users/{userId} and I see you have the type property as part of the API response but I do not think any of their resolved values can tell me if a user is using the Pro plan in specific.

Hope you can help me!

Hi @ricardo.garcia,

If the users are on your account, you can see the type with the GET/users endpoint: Zoom Meeting API

If this is a Master-Subaccount structure, GET /accounts/{accountId} endpoint is appropriate to see other accounts’ plans: Zoom Meeting Master Account API

If these users are external to your account and not subaccounts, you will not have access to that info unless you have scoped account access through an OAuth app the user has installed and authenticated.

Does this help?