APIs for messages , files and meeting participants

We need access to messages and files that are sent in chat or meeting.

  1. Is there any APIs available for getting message destination (recipient that the message was sent to)
  2. APIs for getting files
  3. Meeting participants
  • delete messages, delete files, remove user from meeting.

Theses are required in order to meet compliance requirements

If APIs are missing who can help in promoting them?

Hi @yoavc,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Community.

Currently, we do not have this feature available.

I am not sure if I understand this correctly. But you can send attachments as a message. You need to use the Send IM message api, and then use the format mentioned here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/chatbots/customizing-messages/message-with-attachment\

If you need to get the meeting participants, you can visit: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/meetings/pastmeetingparticipants
please note that participants can be retrieved only for past meetings.

If you want to retrieve participants for the current meeting, please consider using our following dashboard API: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/dashboards/dashboardmeetingparticipants

If you have a meeting with registration required, please consider using this API: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/meetings/meetingregistrants

We currently do not have APIs to delete messages or files. If you want to update a registrants status from a meeting, you can consider using this API: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/meetings/meetingregistrantstatus

Let me know if this helps

@Ojus - many thanks for your reply !
Message destination :
What is the process to ask for such an API?

As for Files - I was referring to file that is sent in a chat/ channel / in meeting file transfer.
We could only get the event that a file was sent , for example using the following:
We get -
“date_time”: “2019-07-16T08:59:46Z”,
“id”: “{F274EEF0-A901-4673-8113-C6939355079A}”,
"message": “Yoav Crombie has sent you a file”,
“sender”: "yoavc@agatsoftware.com",
“timestamp”: 1563267586817

We need the file content. Is that possible?

Another question:
Can we get channel members using API?

Hey @yoavc,

Our API does not have functionality of getting the file content of a file that was sent via chat.

Currently you cannot get channel members using our API, but new Chat API’s are in development right now that will have the Get Channel Members functionality. You can follow our change-log here.

In the meantime is there anything else I can help you with?


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@tommy is the content of files and messages that is sent in a meeting available by API ?

Do you have the info if a user has performed screen sharing during a meeting available by API?

Hey @yoavc,

Currently there is no API for in meeting chat.

As for info about screen sharing during a meeting, you can use a Webhook App and add the Meeting Sharing Started event to get info about who performed a screen share.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks for your answer.

What is the way to get the missing APIs promoted ?

Many thanks,

Yoav Crombie

Hey @yoavc,

Improved Chat API’s are in the pipeline. You can follow our change/release log here.


We are also missing API for messages and files sent in meeting

Does this fall under the same category of “Improved Chat AP”?

Is there a time line / public road map for expected APIs?

Many thanks


Hey @yoavc,

We currently do not have “In Meeting Chat” API’s.

Although, we do have Chat API’s that can send files and messages to Zoom Chat.

We do not have a public timeline for these, but you can track releases here.


Hi @tommy

Is there any public road map for the missing APIs?

Is there a user voice or other way to get these missing APIs promoted?

Many thanks !

Hey @yoavc,

Thanks for asking, we have new Chat API’s coming soon. We do not have a timeline for In Meeting Chat, but I will pass your request on to our team.


Thanks for passing our request to product Team.
Can you elaborate what will be included in the new Chat API’s?

Hey @yoavc, all I can say is a suite of CRUD endpoints across messages, channels, and contacts.


@tommy sounds promising. Do you have an ETA for this?

@yoavc, sometime in Q3.

You can follow our change-log here.