APIs for Moodle custom dashboard


i’m exploring a way to integrate Zoom attendance data on a specific dashboard inside Moodle.

We have a Moodle instance (version 4.1, PHP 8.1) and we are going to install LTI Pro in order to:

Schedule Meetings
Let Moodle users attend
Retrieve data

Regarding data we need to retrieve via Zoom APIs for eachh session and for each user:

Time spent in Zoom session
Timestamp for log in and log out from Zoom session, including multiple accesses for each user.

The must to have is to build a dashboard or a report inside Moodle in order to allow a teacher to review the attendance for each session delivered.
The nice to have is to retrieve single user data in order to let each student to see his own data regarding attendance.

Are there specific APIs to call?

Pierpaolo Morandini

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