App crash by using scene delegate

I am using SceneDelegate in my Application. When i try to JoinMeeting on iOS 13 & iOS 14

let paramDict = [kMeetingParam_Username:“VideoCalling”, kMeetingParam_MeetingNumber:meetingNumber, kMeetingParam_MeetingPassword:meeting.password]
let response = service.joinMeeting(with: paramDict)
print(“onJoinMeeting, response: (response)”)
onJoinMeeting, response: MobileRTCMeetError(rawValue: 0) → Code Zero means Successfully Join Meeting

But After Zoom Framework pretends to open popup it app crashes due to, UIAlertView is deprecated and unavailable for UIScene based applications, please use UIAlertController!’

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSObjectNotAvailableException’, reason: ‘UIAlertView is deprecated and unavailable for UIScene based applications, please use UIAlertController!’ terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

Using Zoom sdk Version: 5.2.41735.0928

Xcode Version : 12

Please let me know Is it compulsory to remove SceneDelegate class in my Application for Zoom Integration? Please provide the solution.

Hey @Davidsports

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Unfortunately, the SDK does not support SceneDelegates currently. The SceneDelegate must be removed and disabled to be able to use the iOS native SDK.

If you decide to go this route:

  1. Remove the SceneDelegate.m file and SceneDelegate.h file.
  2. Remove the UISceneSession code in AppDelegate.
  3. Add a UIWindow property to the AppDelegate.

@property ( strong , nonatomic ) UIWindow *window;

Let me know if you have any other questions.


I have followed the steps and its working now. However, scenedelegates are very important and I can’t keep them away from my application for the next updates. Could you please tell me a tentative time period by when you would be able to implement scenedelegate in your SDK?

Hey @Davidsports

Unfortunately, I am not aware of the timeline, but the team is aware that this is a need for developers.

Let us know if you have any other questions

Hi, @Michael_Condon
Zoom SDK still doesn’t support SceneDelegate?
If there is still no support, then maybe you know when it will appear?
Best regards

Hey @n.milko,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

The SDK still does not support SceneDelegates, I do not have an ETA for this feature at this time.


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