UIAlertView is deprecated

Hi, there. When I try to join an online meeting, the Zoom SDK opens an invisible pop-up window, which causes the application to crash with the error:
Thread 1: "UIAlertView is deprecated and unavailable for UIScene based applications, please use UIAlertController!"

Which iOS Video SDK version:

  • 1.3.2

To Reproduce
I use AVFoundation to create audio and video sessions. Thus, a request for permission to use the camera and microphone is sent before connecting to the zoom session.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Refuse to grant access to the microphone
  2. Connect to a zoom session
  3. See error

If you grant access to the microphone and then join the zoom session, the error will not appear.
Also, if you do not provide access to the camera device, no errors will appear.


  • Device: iPhone 13 Pro
  • OS: iOS 15.6

Additional context
The development is carried out using SwiftUI.

Hi @emilrakh ,

Check out this thread for context on this error!


Thanks for the answer, but my project didn’t have SceneDelegate and UISceneSession code in AppDelegate before.

Hi @emilrakh ,

I’ve learned from a colleague that this has been fixed. Please update to the latest SDK version as soon as you can.

Thank you,

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