App crashes on ios when trying to join meeting

I’m using Zoom Ionic SDK and when i’m trying to join a meeting my app crashes.
(Same issue in the ionic sdk demo ionic app)

Which version?

To Reproduce

I’m using this function of the plugin :

this.zoomService.joinMeeting(meetingNumber, meetingPassword, displayName, options)

The startInstantMeeting function works.

Smartphone :

  • Device: Iphone 11
  • OS: iOS 13
  • Xcode version: 11

Additional context
I’m using Ionic 5 with cordova

Hi @thomas.fritsch,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Did you provide the options for this interface? There is a known issue with the options parameters which is not accepting nil, and we will fix that in the next release.

If the option is not nil, and still crash, may I ask how you build the SDK app? Are you using ionic-cli, capacitor, or Xcode?


Hi @Carson_Chen

That’s my actual code :

let options = {};
this.zoomService.joinMeeting(id, password,, options)

I tried with several different options but it still doesn’t work.

To create my sdk app I use the command ionic cordova build ios and then i use xcode 11 to build the application.

I don’t use capacitor.


Hi @thomas.fritsch,

Thanks for the reply. This sounds unexpected. Let me forward this to the engineering team for further investigation and get back to you shortly.


Any luck finding solution for this issue?

we are facing same issue from last 1 week. and there is no update from zoom. Our android app is working just fine but iOS app crashes when start meeting…
for crashing we create a container but still no success on starting session


Tried to debug the problem in Xcode. In join meeting function you can see it’s creating a dictionary object with Meeting ID, Meeting Password, Display Name and Participant ID.

In my case it was “participant_id”. I sent my app’s login user id in this parameter and it started working.

It’s expecting “participant_id” to join meeting. In let options = {}; add a parameter “participant_id” and pass a value for it.

Check this link for details:

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Hi @kushal,

Thanks for helping out! :slight_smile:

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