App for taking a virtual selfie

I’d like to add an app in the marketplace with the following functionality -

  1. During the zoom call, any user who has installed the app can click the ‘selfie button’ which will start a timer of 3,2,1 (visible to all users in the zoom call).
  2. Once, the timer is done, a screenshot takes place which is the virtual selfie.
  3. As soon as the virtual selfie is done, users who have installed the app can directly share the selfie to social media platforms or add to their camera roll/downloads.

Kindly let me know which app development to use for this or if it is a feature that cannot be created by a marketplace app. I’m really confused.


Please look into this asap.
Thank you

Can you please clarify my doubt @Tommy ?

Hey @coolpriyanshi1,

This is a fun idea!

Currently this is not possible with a Marketplace app, but you could use the Zoom SDKs to do this.