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How can I be notified when a user installs my app? Is there a webhook notification? When users install my app, they receive a “New Zoom app installed” email…I’d like to create a similar notification for my team. For context, my app type is “visit site to install”, but I’d like to be notified when the user clicks the Install button on Zoom.

Appreciate any help!

Hey @paulf,

Great question—you can subscribe to email notifications for this. Please see this article for details on how to access these settings.

I hope this helps!

Hi @will.zoom,

I took a look at that article, but my “Manage” tab doesn’t appear to include the settings for email notifications. I can only see “Uninstall the app”

Hey @jonk, @paulf,

To get on the same page, are you trying to be notified when any Zoom user installs an app you’ve developed?

If so, we do not have a built in way to do this, but you can setup a 3rd party email service to send an email once your system makes a request to get an access token for a user after they install the app. :slight_smile:

Does that make sense?


Thanks @tommy! This is what I wanted to know.

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You are very welcome! :slight_smile:


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